Can TPMS sensors be tested? Do these wheels even have them?  



I have just put on a set of used 400M winter wheels that I bought. My car is a 2014 F31 and the wheels also came from a 2014 car as far as I know. They were sold to me as having TPMS sensors but the car will not reset and eventually says failure. During the first drive, the reset did go to 49% then fail. A couple more times it would start to climb then fail. They don't seem to be doing anything now and it sits at 0% till the failure message comes up.

The valve stems are black rubber and I wasn't really aware of the differences with metal valve stems at the time I bought the wheels so I'm wondering if the wheels have sensors at all or if it is an incompatible kind.

Are there likely to be sensors on the wheels if it started trying to reset then failed or would it do that anyway if there were no sensors fitted? I didn't think there was anything else I needed to do before attempting the reset with different wheels.

Can tire fitting places check for a signal from the wheels before I go to the expense of getting new sensors?

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if your original wheels had sensors on them then you need to install the original sensors on the new rims or buy new sensors, overtime the battery in the sensors will be depleted and sensor will not read the pressure. If you put new sensors you need to get the id numbers out of them, then do a reset for all sensors.

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Auto repair shops have the tool to check for the signal from the TPMS sensors, the tool will also show the code for each sensor. like John said, you need to reset the current sensors you have on the wheels.